Keeping Spiders Out of Your Edmond Home


Spider phobia, or arachnophobia, is one of the most common fears, a fear faced by around 6% of the general population. 

And it’s not hard to see why; with their eight legs, multiple eyes, and eerie webs, spiders have an uncanny ability to cause discomfort. For Edmond homeowners, the presence of spiders in and around the house can be both a nuisance and a source of anxiety.

Interested in Edmond spider removal? This guide will help you not only evict these arachnids from your home but also discourage them from setting up shop in the first place. 

We’ll explore the types of spiders commonly found in Edmond, demystify some commonplace misconceptions, and outline a few effective strategies to secure your residence against these unwanted guests.

Understand Your Foe


What’s a war without a little intel on the enemy? Before you can be successful in your spider extermination efforts, you need to know what kinds of pests you’re dealing with. Here are three common enemies:

Domestic House Spider

The domestic house spider is a common sight in Edmond due to its preference for the warmth and shelter of a human habitat. Its presence is often identified by the funnel-like webs it weaves in the corners and crevices of rooms. House spiders are harmless to humans but can be prolific breeders, and their webs can detract from the aesthetics of the home.

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse, or Loxosceles reclusa, is one of the more feared spiders found in Oklahoma. It is identifiable by the violin-shaped mark on its back and is known for hiding in dark, secluded areas. Unlike the house spider, the brown recluse has a venomous bite that, while rarely fatal, can cause significant tissue damage and requires medical attention.

Black Widow Spider

A more notorious inhabitant, the black widow, or Latrodectus mactans, is recognized by its sleek, black body and red hourglass markings. 

Like the brown recluse, its bite can pose a health risk, particularly to the young, elderly, or infirm. It tends to congregate in areas where it is least likely to be disturbed, such as the dark recesses of attics or garages.

Myths Versus Facts

Spiders exist in a world where myths and misconceptions are as abundant as their webs. Here, we tackle some common spider misconceptions to arm you with the truth.

Myth: All Spiders Are Poisonous

Of the thousands of spider species, only a handful are considered dangerous to humans. The overwhelming majority of spiders are harmless and actually beneficial, as they help control the insect population in your home.

Myth: You Swallow Spiders in Your Sleep

This urban legend is just that—a myth. Spiders have no interest in you or your bed. They’re evolved to avoid mammals and would much rather chow down on bugs.

Myth: Spiders Are Aggressive Toward Humans

Spiders prefer to stay out of reach of humans. Bites most often occur when a spider feels cornered or threatened.

Spider-Proofing Your Home

Now that we understand the lay of the land, how can we keep spiders at bay? Turn your Edmond home into an arachnid-free zone with these proactive measures.

  • Seal Entry Points: Spiders, like most unwelcome guests, need an invitation into your home. By sealing cracks and entry points around windows, doors, and in the foundation, you can significantly reduce the number of spiders inside.
  • Reduce Clutter: Spiders love to hide, and nothing says ‘home’ to them like clutter. Be it cardboard boxes, woodpiles, or piles of clothes, the less clutter in your home, the fewer hiding spots for spiders.
  • Stop Welcoming Them In: Food and water sources are a beacon to any self-respecting spider. Keep your home free of crumbs and standing water to discourage these eight-legged freeloaders.

The Battle Against Webs

Webs aren’t just unsightly; they’re also a sign of spiders. If you’re sick of dealing with constant spider web removal, you may want to consider overhauling your routine. 

Regular cleaning is the first step to take. A weekly dusting of ceilings, corners, and other less-traveled areas will make it harder for spiders to maintain their webs. Regular vacuuming can also suck up any unsuspecting spiders that are on recon in your home.

Some essential oils, like lavender and tea tree, are known for deterring spiders. Dab a few drops on a cotton ball and place them in areas where webs typically appear.

And for persistent spider problems, nothing beats a professional spider removal service. They have the tools and knowledge to rid your home of these pests safely and effectively.

Spinning the Final Web

Spiders may be a natural part of the environment, but they don’t have to be a part of your daily life. By taking these practical, actionable steps, you can significantly reduce the spider population in your Edmond home and enjoy an arachnid-free living space.

Don’t let spiders take over your home and peace of mind. Take action today by contacting Summit Pest Solutions

Remember, understanding and preparation are the keys to successful pest management. Whether you choose to tackle the spider issue yourself or employ professional help, your home should be your sanctuary – spider-free.

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