Are House Spiders In Edmond, OK Dangerous?

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Many people dislike spiders. For some people, it goes deeper with full-blown arachnophobia, one of the most common phobias in the world. Spiders are eight-legged, eight-eyed bugs that vary in size depending on the species. Encountering spiders in your Edmond home is not only possible but likely. One of the most common spider species is the common house spider, which can be found just about anywhere in the U.S. Being able to identify spiders can help you get rid of them much more quickly and easily.

What Do Common House Spiders Look Like?

Common house spiders are typically less than half an inch in length and are brown in color. They may also have white and brown spots on their abdomens. Males usually have orangish legs, while females have yellowish legs. The most distinctive characteristics of these spiders are the dark rings on their legs. Knowing what common house spiders look like is a tremendous help in removing them effectively.

Are Common House Spiders Dangerous?

If common house spiders feel threatened, they may bite whatever encroaches on them. While these bites may hurt, they are not lethal and are usually just itchy for a little bit. The bites appear as tiny red bumps and are only mildly irritating. However, as with most external wounds, these bites can get infected by outside factors if not treated properly. This means that you should still clean the bite and take the same precautions as other flesh wounds, such as scratches or scrapes. 

 What Does The Presence Of Common House Spiders Mean?

Although some may consider a spider problem a big issue on its own, spiders being present may be an indicator of something much worse. Spiders eat many types of insects, from cockroaches to flies to moths. If spiders are inside your home, it may be because they have followed their prey inside. This means that your home could also be host to a number of different insect infestations, so in this case, spiders are actually helpful by possibly alerting you to a bigger problem. Remember, just because you get rid of spiders does not mean you’ve removed every pest problem in your home, so be wary.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Edmond Home

There are many things you can do to prevent both spiders and the insects they feed on from getting into your home. 

  • Check your home for cracks and gaps that pests may be entering through. Spiders and insects are usually very small, so even the tiniest openings may be enough for them to get in. Sealing these spaces can save you from having to deal with pests in the first place. 
  • Get screens for your windows if you don’t already have them. If you do, then make sure that they are intact and repair any small tears or holes. 
  • Make sure to remedy any moisture issues that may attract spiders or their pest prey. This includes leaky faucets under sinks and sweating pipes in your utility room. If necessary, install a dehumidifier in high moisture areas. 

In the end, spiders and their pest prey will find their way into your home regardless of your efforts to keep them away. If you find yourself battling spiders and the pests they hunt, it may be time to reach out to a spider control professional. 

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