Quality Pest Control Warr Acres OK Locals Deserve

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quality pest control warr acres ok locals deserve

Established in 1948, Warr Acres, OK, is a charming community located a mere 20-minute drive from Oklahoma City. Nestled between the picturesque Lake Hefner to the southwest and Lake Overholser to the northeast, our town enjoys convenient access to the serene waters on both sides. With our inviting small-town ambiance, we welcome visitors from far and wide. However, alongside these guests, we also attract some unwelcome visitors—pests. Whether you own a home or business here in Warr Acres, it is imperative to address your pest control Warr Acres OK property owners need. And we are here to help!

Summit Pest Solutions offers comprehensive pest control Warr Acres OK property solutions for both residential and commercial properties in Warr Acres and the surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated company, we are committed to delivering a personalized and exceptional 5-star service experience to our valued customers. With our Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) strategies, we are equipped to address pest issues of any magnitude. Contact us today for reliable pest control Warr Acres OK residents need in Oklahoma County. Let Summit get rid of what’s bugging you!

Ensuring Residents The Best Warr Acres Pest Control

At Summit Pest Solutions, our mission is to safeguard homes in Warr Acres from pesky household pests. We specialize in handling a wide range of local intruders, including ants, spiders, stinging insects, cockroaches, fleas, and ticks. Our comprehensive residential Warr Acres pest control treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach includes treating:

  • interior baseboards
  • sinks
  • cracks
  • crevices
  • pipe entry points
  • and all other hot spot locations identified during the inspection

We offer comprehensive exterior perimeter treatments, meticulously inspecting eaves and effectively eliminating nests or webs up to a height of 15 feet. Our recurring services are custom-tailored to address your specific Warr Acres pest control needs, ensuring optimal effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to providing you with the finest pest protection every step of the way. Reach out to us today to schedule a complimentary estimate and inspection.

Industries Leading Exterminator Warr Acres OK Businesses Rely On

Your business deserves your undivided attention, and we are here to ensure that pest control is our priority, not yours. With our expertise, we will safeguard your Warr Acres business and maintain its impeccable reputation. We employ a comprehensive five-star process for commercial pest control, encompassing the following steps:


Our technician meticulously inspects the interior and exterior components of your business for any signs of pest activity or damage. This allows us to identify hot spot areas and develop an effective treatment plan specifically tailored to your pest control needs.


We employ cutting-edge and reliable techniques to eradicate any unwanted intruders from your business premises. Our treatments are customized to effectively target specific pests while ensuring the safety of your employees, customers, and the environment.


After eliminating the pest infestation, we take preventive measures to ensure that your business remains free from future outbreaks. This may include sealing entry points, implementing sanitation practices, and monitoring for any signs of reinfestation.


Our exterminator Warr Acres OK businesses trust, conducts regular follow-ups to ensure that the pest problem is fully resolved and to address any other concerns you may have. We are committed to providing long-term solutions, not just temporary fixes. Our bi-monthly or quarterly plans are designed for businesses with lower traffic compared to popular restaurants that may require monthly services

We have collaborated with a diverse range of establishments, spanning from apartment buildings and offices to wedding venues, retail shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and warehouses. Our commercial pest control services are tailored to the unique requirements of each business, with a focus on minimal disruption to your daily operations. Apart from our effective pest control methods, we prioritize complete customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing budget-friendly and transparent services, without any concealed costs or additional charges.

With Summit Pest Solutions commercial Warr Acres pest control services, you can trust us to deliver efficient results that exceed your expectations. Don’t let pests threaten your business, contact us today for a consultation and customized plan.

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What You Should Do If You Find A Tick On You In Warr Acres

Ticks are tiny pests that can transmit severe diseases. That’s why it’s crucial to prevent encounters with them. But what should you do if you do get bitten? Here are the fundamental steps to follow if you discover a tick on your body in Warr Acres:


  1. Carefully use fine tweezers to grasp the tick.
  2. Gently and steadily extract the tick without twisting or jerking, in order to avoid leaving any parts behind.
  3. Ensure that you remove any remaining mouthparts using the tweezers.
  4. Clean the bite area with rubbing alcohol or mild soap and water.
  5. Instead of crushing the tick, securely wrap it in tissue and dispose of it in the toilet.

By following these steps, you can effectively and safely remove a tick from your skin. However, it’s important to monitor the bite site for any signs of infection or unusual reactions. If you experience symptoms such as rash, fever, or joint pain after a tick bite, seek medical attention immediately.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid encountering ticks in Warr Acres, here are some tips:

  • Wear long pants and sleeves when spending time outdoors, especially in wooded or grassy areas.
  • Use insect repellent that contains DEET for added protection against ticks.
  • Regularly check your body and clothing for any ticks after spending time outdoors.
  • Treat your pets with tick prevention products to reduce the risk of bringing ticks into your home.

By taking these preventive measures, you can greatly reduce the chances of getting bitten by a tick and minimize the risk of contracting any tick-borne diseases.

In addition, it’s important to educate yourself about ticks and their habitats. By being aware of where ticks are commonly found, you can avoid those areas when possible. Ticks are often present in tall grasses, bushes, and wooded areas. It’s best to stick to cleared paths and walk in the center of trails to minimize the risk of coming into contact with ticks.

Regularly maintaining your yard and keeping it trimmed and free of debris can also help reduce the presence of ticks around your property. Ticks are naturally drawn to shady and damp areas. However, you can discourage their presence by ensuring your yard is well-lit and dry. This simple adjustment can make your outdoor space less inviting and less conducive for ticks to flourish.

If you experience these pests in or around your Warr Acres property, give the experts a call at Summit Pest Solutions. Don’t let ticks ruin your time outdoors – take action to protect yourself and your loved ones today!

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