What You Need To Know About Spider Prevention For Edmond Residents

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Are you afraid of spiders when they show up around your Edmond residence? With so many types of tiny spiders, it’s only natural to want them out of your home, but that can be challenging. You might not know why you have so many spiders in your Edmond home in the first place. But never fret because when you reach out to a professional team like ours, we can tell you all you need to know.

At Summit Pest Solutions, we can find the source of your spider problem and eliminate the infestation. On top of that, our team will be happy to give you tips so you can prevent future spider invasions. Our team is the best Edmond pest control company around, so give us a call today!

What Kind Of Spiders Might I Encounter In Edmond?

Spiders are extremely varied and come in many different shapes and sizes. You’ll even find that not all spiders will make a web and stay on it. Some spiders prefer to stay on the ground and hunt their prey. Here are common household spiders you could encounter:

  • Wolf spider
  • Southern house spider
  • Black widow
  • Brown recluse
  • Jumping spider

There are many more types of spiders that you can find inside; these are the most likely culprits. Most spiders will attack you if they feel threatened, but not all of them are outwardly dangerous beyond their initial bite. However, you should always be aware when confronted with a brown recluse or black widow, as they are among the most dangerous spiders.

Are Most House Spiders Dangerous?

For the most part, common household spiders are not dangerous unless provoked. Generally, spiders enter your home not to cause you harm but to take shelter and find food. If you have other pest problems or have an uptake in insect activity in your area, you might find more spiders than usual. 

Spiders can look dangerous, and most can bite, but the bite is harmless in most cases. There is the chance that you could have an allergic reaction, or your skin could become mildly irritated, but it’s unlikely. If a spider bites you and you believe that you’re experiencing any prolonged irritation or illness, seek medical attention.

Five Ways To Deter Spiders In Edmond

Spiders can benefit your yard, but no one would blame you if you wanted them to stay in the yard. Check out these tips on how you can keep spiders away and out of your home:

  • Spraying the strong smell of mint around your foundation and doorways.
  • Use diatomaceous earth around your home as a deterrent.
  • Keep your home decluttered and cleaned.
  • Trim any bushes, shrubs, or trees that look to be getting out of hand.
  • Repair or seal any cracks or holes around your doors or windows.

These are just a few natural ways you can keep spiders from gaining entry and growing into a large population around your home. You can go the route of using chemical sprays; however, chemicals have their risks when you don’t know how to use them to their full effectiveness. 

Total Spider Control For Your Home Or Business

When you want effective ways to kill spiders and keep them out of your home or business, your best bet is to call a professional team. We at Summit Pest Solutions are committed to the quality care of each of our customers. Our team ensures that you are not just getting a cookie-cutter approach but a customized treatment plan that will fit your needs. 

Summit Pest Solutions gives you a pest-free guarantee with quality services you can depend on, no matter what type of pest issue you have. Reach out to our team at Summit Pest Solutions and request your free inspection today.

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