What To Do About A Fire Ant Infestation On Your Edmond Property

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One of the worst things about fire ants is that they can sting a victim repeatedly, so an infestation is bad news. Sensitive people might develop adverse reactions after receiving a painful sting from a fire ant. As soon as you discover fire ants, get help. An Edmond pest control company can treat your fire ant infestation.

Fire ants on your property might create massive mounds and act aggressively. These pests may damage equipment, lead to structural problems, and mess with crops.

How To Tell If You Have A Fire Ant Problem

It doesn’t mean you don’t have an infestation if you don’t see fire ants running around. Call a technician to inspect your property and apply pest control solutions to deter fire ants. You may have attractive elements that lure fire ants to your property, which you must remove.

Take action if you are worried about fire ants. Seek pest management services if you notice the following:

  • After it rains, the ground looks fluffy, a sign of underground nests.
  • Ant mounds around your property lack a hole in the center.
  • If you approach ants or their nest, they swarm and act aggressively.

Because fire ants can leave you with painful welts and sting repeatedly, avoid disturbing these insects. If you suspect an infestation, get professional ant control. Have a pest management service inspect and treat your property.

A Fire Ant Infestation Can Be Problematic For Many Reasons

Stay vigilant, as fire ants cause intensely itchy, raised bites when they sting. Victims may feel severe burning pain and develop welts or pimples on their skin. In extreme scenarios, a fire ant’s bite may lead to severe allergic reactions requiring immediate medical attention.

Fire ants in your yard and garden could harm the turf because of burrowing and large mounds. Additionally, these pests may feed on young crops as they develop, damaging a beautiful garden of fruits and veggies. Fire ants are attracted to oily, greasy foods, so be careful when cooking and promptly remove food debris and garbage. These insects are difficult to eliminate without general pest control treatments.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Fire Ants Around Your Home

Reduce the chance of enraging fire ants to leave painful stings and let the professionals treat your property instead. You can try pouring boiling water over ant mounds, but that’s risky. If you oversaturate ants and mounds with conventional insect-control products, it might harm your landscape or creatures that benefit the ecosystem.

The best way to tackle an infestation of fire ants is to have a knowledgeable technician pinpoint attractants and provide effective solutions. Remove elements in your property that entice fire ants to nest there. Have your property treated routinely with professional products to deter and eliminate fire ants.

Five Simple Tips To Prevent Future Fire Ant Infestations

Take preventative measures to thwart fire ant infestations and deter future visits. Attractants like food sources on your property will likely keep fire ants coming back. Make your property less welcoming to these pests using simple tips and scheduling home pest control treatments.

Fire ants will get comfortable on your property and act aggressively to stay. Try the following ideas:

  1. Get rid of moisture problems indoors and outdoors.
  2. Pour several gallons of boiling water into any mound.
  3. Clean areas where you see visible fire ants to remove scent trails.
  4. Seal or cover crevices, cracks, and gaps where ants can slip into your house.
  5. Have your property treated by professionals, and keep a tidy yard.

Having these pests on your property is risky because they are aggressive and cause painful fire ant bites. Contact Summit Pest Solutions for the best pest management to help eliminate these insects.

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