Have Bed Bugs Invaded Your Edmond Home?

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Waking up in the morning to discover dozens of raised bite marks on your skin is not something anyone wants to experience. Unfortunately,  bed bugs are a common problem for Edmond homeowners.

Keep reading to learn more about how bed bugs get into residential properties and what homeowners can do to stop them. Or, for information about effective bed bug control services, turn to Summit Pest Solutions. We’re ready to offer the best pest control in Edmond and defend your home from pests of all kinds. Reach out to Summit Pest Solutions today to get started!

Problems Bed Bugs Cause In Edmond Homes

Although bed bugs aren’t generally known to spread dangerous illnesses, they still cause many problems when they invade Edmond’s homes. These common parasitic insects feed on the blood of sleeping individuals and hide from sight during the day. Unfortunately, homeowners dealing with bed bugs may experience several unpleasant symptoms, such as restlessness, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and frustration. In severe cases of infestation, some people show signs of anemia, such as pale gums and fatigue. Anemia is when the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen through muscle tissues. 

Three Ways Bed Bugs Sneak Into Edmond Homes

One of the fascinating things about bed bugs is how they get from one location to another. These tiny insects are hitchhiking pests. Instead of attempting to invade your home through cracks in your foundation, they hitch rides on your clothing, bags, and personal belongings. But how do people get bed bugs on their clothing and belongings in the first place? There are three ways that bed bugs usually get into Edmond homes:

  1. Most people unknowingly pick up bed bugs when traveling through public spaces with a lot of foot traffic, such as hotel lobbies and airports: If you set your bags on a hotel lobby or airport floor, you allow bed bugs to hitch a ride home with you.
  2. If you have children, bed bugs might have gotten into your home by climbing onto their backpacks while at school: Be sure to instruct your children about keeping their bags away from other children’s belongings. 
  3. Bed bugs may also get into your home when you purchase used pieces of furniture: Inspect any couches or chairs for bed bugs and their eggs before bringing them into your home.

No matter how bed bugs travel to your property, it’s crucial to implement a strategy to remove them right away. Without a plan, these pests can cause a massive bed bug infestation in your home. 

Things Everyone In Edmond Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs

Avoiding bed bugs may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few prevention methods you can utilize to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home:

  • Keep your belongings off the floors of public areas
  • Inspect used mattresses, couches, and other furniture items for bed bugs
  • Check your hotel room for bed bug signs before deciding to stay the night
  • Store your clothing in plastic bags when you travel

If these prevention tips don’t work, your next best option is professional bed bug control services from a trusted pest control provider like Summit Pest Solutions!

When It’s Time To Call The Bed Bug Professionals

Bed bugs are tricky pests. Not only are they challenging to identify, but they’re also nearly impossible to prevent. However, there are ways to eliminate bed bugs when they start causing problems in your Edmond home.

At Summit Pest Solutions, we provide personalized pest control solutions to ensure we meet your needs year-round. With several years of experience controlling and preventing pests, we’re ready to protect your home and family from all kinds of common pests. Contact Summit Pest Solutions today for more information about our bed bug treatment options!

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