The Secret To Effective Ant Control In Edmond

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There are few things as maddening as finding ants inside your home evening after evening. Chances are you have found some way to deal with these pests at the moment but have no idea of how to keep them out permanently. If you are here today looking for answers to your Edmond property ant problem, we have some things you need to consider.

What Ants Live In Edmond

There are a few different species of ants that invade Edmond homes regularly. The three you should know about are odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants. Here is how to identify each and the problems they cause.

Odorous house ants are 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long, brown or black, and have unevenly shaped abdomens. Known for the pungent odor they release when squashed, these pests are regularly found trailing through homes and are known for building large nests both indoors and outdoors. Odorous house ants are mostly a nuisance but will, on occasion, pick up and spread bacteria.

Carpenter ants are 5/8 of an inch long, red, black, or red and black, and have a large head and mandibles. Unlike other species that build their nests underground, carpenter ants nest inside water-damaged, rotting, or decaying wood. If even part of your home has wood in this condition, these destructive pests may invade. They may also come inside to hunt for food and water.

Pharaoh ants are 1/16 of an inch long and pale yellow. These small home invaders regularly carry bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Some of the most common sicknesses you might contract from pharaoh ants include salmonellosis and staphylococcus.

How Ants Get Into Homes

Ants find their way into homes through gaps, cracks, and other openings. Often they find these entry points around doors and windows. They might also get inside through damage in foundational blocks or spacing around utility pipes and wires. Carpenter ants, in particular, make their own way into homes by chewing tunnels through structural wood.

Some Strategies To Prevent Ants

There are many ways to reduce your chances of finding ants indoors. To break things down, here are a few of the best prevention strategies to try.

  • Mow your lawn once a week and keep up with your landscaping.
  • Trim back bushes and clear up clutter to create a five-foot dry perimeter around your home’s exterior.
  • Eliminate sources of water buildup.
  • Repair leaky piping and fixtures.
  • Use a dehumidifier inside your home.
  • Keep your living areas as clean and tidy as possible.
  • After meals, store leftovers inside airtight containers.
  • Make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed.

The Negatives To Using OTC Ant Control

There are many over-the-counter options that promise to handle ant problems. More often than not, these problem solvers are problems themselves. Ant sprays only kill surface ants and do nothing to address active colonies nearby. The same is true for bait strips and sticky pads. Most store-bought products only deter ants for a short time and drain money out of your pocket in the long run.

The Benefits To Professional Ant Control

To save you some money and handle your Edmond home’s ant problems, let the local pest experts at Summit Pest Solutions help out. We offer real answers to ant infestations and have the treatments and tools needed to eliminate these pests at the source. We will also create a lasting defensive barrier around your home’s exterior to keep out these annoying, destructive, and dangerous pests.

Call today to learn more about our home pest control service options and schedule your Edmond property for a pest inspection

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