How Long Does Mosquito Season Last In Edmond?

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Mosquitoes are troublesome buzzing pests, and they bring more dangers than you might realize when they invade your Edmond property. Pest control in Edmond provided by Summit Pest Solutions is essential for understanding mosquito season and defeating this biting pest.

Mosquitoes Still Buzzing Around Many Edmond Homes

Mosquitoes are one of those types of pests that every Edmond resident is familiar with. They’re often seen as a nuisance, but infestations around your home bring serious issues, especially if mosquitoes are still buzzing around long after mosquito season has supposedly come to an end.

Signs that you are dealing with a widespread mosquito problem in Edmond include the following:

  • You’re seeing mosquitoes outside or inside of your property, despite mosquito season coming to an end.
  • Mosquitoes are flocking to bright, sweet-smelling flowers around your property.
  • You are noticing mosquitoes around the water features or puddles of standing water on your property.
  • You receive mosquito bites every time you step foot outside.

All of these factors indicate that your mosquito problem is persisting and that it’s time to get rid of mosquitoes permanently with professional mosquito control in Edmond.

Factors That Allow Mosquitoes To Stay Active In October In Edmond

Mosquitoes are difficult to get rid of, and one of the most problematic things about mosquito infestations in October is the relatively mild weather in our area. Mosquitoes love warmer weather, and they typically stick around in our area until the first frost of November. This means long months of battling mosquitoes as they look for prime places to lay their eggs before colder weather approaches.

Other factors that might allow mosquitoes to stay active around your property are a plethora of plants that attract mosquitoes like sweet-smelling flowers, standing water they can lay their eggs in, and overgrown, damp, and swampy areas. These factors create a perfect habitat for mosquitoes to stay buzzing around until repeated days of freezing weather finally knock out the remaining adults.

Downsides Of DIY Mosquito Abatement

DIY mosquito control might seem like a good idea at first, but this solution is often less than effective when it comes to targeting the root source of your mosquito problem. DIY treatments are very hit or miss, and you may invest lots of your money and spare time into trying to fully remove mosquitoes from your yard. And, many times, even if a DIY tactic works for a little bit, it’s common for mosquitoes to become resistant and infestations to reoccur.

Professional mosquito control protects you from mosquito issues in the future and reliably eradicates your current infestation issues. It also protects you from being directly exposed to mosquitoes and the dangers they bring, as mosquito bites do bring a risk of diseases and bacteria.

Why It’s Never Too Late For Professional Mosquito Control

It’s never too late for professional mosquito control, and our team at Summit Pest Solutions is here to help you tackle whatever mosquito problem you might be dealing with. Our service technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced with mosquito treatments, and we start our services by inspecting your property and identifying your major mosquito problem areas.

Once we’ve discussed your pest control concerns with you and evaluated our findings, we decide on the best course of mosquito control action and apply treatments that defeat these Edmond pests. Our treatments help to defeat current infestations and keep future problems at bay. When combined with prevention tactics, professional mosquito control can protect your Edmond property from mosquito infestations in no time.

Reach out today for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Edmond.

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