Everything You Should Know About Mosquito Reduction Services In Edmond

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Summer is a time for having fun with friends and family outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s also time for mosquitoes to make a comeback. Protecting yourself from these pests is key, as they carry and spread harmful diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue. Whether you choose a home remedy or work with a professional pest control company, there are many ways to control mosquitoes. Read on to learn more about mosquito reduction methods to safeguard your property. 

What Chemicals Are Used In Mosquito Foggers?

One of the ways to protect yourself against the diseases carried by mosquitoes is to use a fogger machine. While we recommend working with a professional pest control company, home solutions are available. Most thermal foggers work in tandem with a small propane tank or an electrical source. A coil inside the device is heated up, which then activates an insecticide of your choice. When the solution reaches the right temperature, it creates a fog you can direct onto the surfaces of your choice. 

There are a variety of chemicals used in personal fogging machines. The E.P.A. has given approval to each of the following chemicals, and they are safe for humans and pets:

  • Pyrethroids, like permethrin and sumithrin
  • Pyrethrin
  • Malathion
  • Naled

While fogging is effective at killing adult mosquitoes, it’s important to disrupt the entire life cycle to prevent recurring infestations. 

Destroying Mosquito Eggs In Still Water

Female adult mosquitoes will seek out a place to lay their eggs after a blood meal. They lay their eggs in standing water sources of any kind, including birdbaths, puddles, and empty pots filled with rainwater. After the eggs hatch, young mosquitoes stay submerged underwater until they become fully formed adults.

Add an agitator to keep the water moving and prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in your water feature. This attracts birds that feed on mosquitoes, like hummingbirds. It also makes the water too volatile for mosquitoes to land on the surface. To kill mosquitoes in standing water, add a mild dish soap or shampoo. You may also use oil or vinegar. These natural pesticides effectively kill larvae without endangering wildlife or pets. 

Mosquito Prevention: What A Homeowner Can Do

Mosquitoes are annoying pests. Fortunately, there are several ways to control them. Here are some top tips to keep mosquitoes away from your home:

  • Repair or replace broken and damaged screens in windows and doors.
  • Use mosquito coils in outdoor areas.
  • Light citronella candles while spending time outdoors.
  • Use outdoor fans. The breeze will deter mosquitoes which makes it difficult for them to fly around.
  • Remove all standing water sources from your property. This includes making sure gutters are clean and empty pots are turned over or stored away.
  • Keep your yard trimmed and free of overgrown grass and weeds. 
  • Eliminate excess shade in your yard to cut down on excess moisture. 
  • Keep swimming pools well-treated and covered in the off-season.
  • Remove yard waste and debris from your lawn. 

It can be tough to get rid of mosquitoes, especially if you are dealing with a significant infestation. When do-it-yourself pest control methods fail, it might be time to contact an exterminator. 

Mosquito Reduction Services In Edmond

Don’t let the mosquitoes in Oklahoma ruin your summer. Summit Pest Solutions has been a top choice for pest control in Edmond for over 35 years. Our safe and effective mosquito control solutions take around 20 minutes to complete. We provide recurring services all throughout the mosquito season to ensure these pests stay away from your property. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today. 

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